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Trail running


Trainee: Frederic Sabater Pastor (PhD Student)

Collaborators: Dr Thomas Rupp (University Savoie Mont-Blanc)


The goal of this thesis project is to better understand the factors that influence performance in trail running races, as well as the impact of fatigue on running performance. During the first study the impact of trail running races ranging from 40 to 170 km on fatigue and the associated changes in running economy will be assessed. The importance of different physiological variables on performance in trail races of different distances will also be studied. The second study will consist of following trail runners during a whole season, recording their training load as well as their fatigue using objective and subjective measurements. Those measurements will be related to their improvement in competition as well as physiological determinants of performance. The third study will study the role of peripheral alteration on central fatigue during long endurance activities, comparing long-duration cycling to treadmill running.

Key words: Trail running, fatigue, endurance, performance, training, load, prediction, energy cost of running.