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Arash Khassetarash


Post-doc fellow, University of Calgary (Canada)

01/2022 – 08/2022 Post-doc at University of Calgary on Biomecanics of endurance running

Priori PhD student 01/2017 – 01/2022 Calgary, Canada “Strategies to reduce the deleterious effects of downhill running” (Co-Supervisor – Principal Supervisor: Dr Brent Edwards)


Dr. Arash Khassetarashis currently persuing his research as a post-doctoral fellow in the Biomechanics section fo the Kinesiology departement at the University of Calgary.

Arash Khassetarash was a PhD candidate in Kinesiology (Biomechanics) at the University of Calgary.  He was ranked among top 1% of students that took the national university entrance exam in Iran in 2008 following which he received a full tuition governmental fellowship for six years of Undergrad and Master’s level studies. Arash received his BSd and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tabriz in Iran in 2012 and 2014, respectively. In January 2017, he joined as a PhD student the Neuromuscular Fatigue Lab under the supervision of Prof. Guillaume Millet at the University of Calgary. He is currently supervised by Prof Brent Edwards and Prof Guillaume Millet and was the recipient of Department of Kinesiology Dean’s Doctoral Studentship.

Dr. Arash Khassetarashis’ research focuses on endurance running biomechanics and its neuromuscular/mechanical consequences in relation to running-related injuries. In June 2020, Arash had 7 journal publications (6 as a first author). 

Arash has practiced endurance running for over ten years.