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Benjamin Singh


Post-doctoral Fellow, Jean Monnet University Saint-Etienne (France)

01/2019-12/2020 – Saint-Etienne, France

Improvement of neuromuscular function, fatigue and quality of life by resistance training optimization in colorectal cancer patients (Principal Supervisor – Cosupervisor: Dr Laurent Gergelé)


Dr. Ben Singh is an Accredited Exercise Physiology (with Exercise and Sport Science Australia) and a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Jean Monnet (Saint-Etienne, France) under the supevision of Dr Laurent Gergelé and Prof Guillaume Millet. He completed an undergraduate degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and a Masters by Research at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. His Masters research focussed on evaluating the role of exercise among women with breast cancer-related lymphedema. He then went on to complete his PhD in the field of exercise oncology. His PhD research evaluated the safety and feasibility of exercise among women with high-stage breast cancer, and the role of wearable fitness trackers is promoting longer term physical activity.

His general research involves evaluating the safety, feasibility and effectiveness of exercise for individuals with cancer, through original research studies and meta-analyses. In particular, he is currently involved in implementing a novel exercise intervention to improve fatigue and muscular fitness in patients with colorectal cancer as part of his post-doctoral role. He is also involved in investigating the mechanisms of neuromuscular fatigue during and following sport and exercise.