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Marie-Caroline Play

Marie-Caroline Play

PhD student, Jean Monnet University Saint-Etienne (France)

10/2019-09/2022 – Saint-Etienne, France

Interaction between vibration damping and morphological and functional characteristics of the runner: implications for fatigue and footwear construction (Co-Supervisor – Principal Supervisor: Dr Jérémy Rossi)


Marie-Caroline PLAY is a PhD student at Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne. From 2014 to 2019, she studied (bio)mechanics and sensory analysis in an engineering school  (Saint-Etienne, France). In 2018, she did her first internship in the Rydberg Laboratory of Applied Sciences (Halmstad University, Sweden) and worked on mechanical modelling approaches of landing movements. In 2019, Marie-Caroline did another internship in the R&D department at Salomon SAS (Annecy, France) on the the development of a custom-designed tool intended to measure shoe upper fit and stiffness. In October 2019, she started a PhD at the Interuniversity Laboratory of Human Movement and Biology, in close collaboration with Salomon.

The general topic of her PhD is soft-tissue vibrations in running. In particular, Marie-Caroline aims at identifying the runners’ profiles based on anthropometric and vibrational characteristics, with the ultimate goal of producing a shoe minimizing soft tissue vibrations and potentially neuromuscular fatigue. 

Marie-Caroline PLAY is also an outdoor enthousiast with an interest in running, hiking and biking.

Soft-tissue vibrations in response to impact force characteristics in running