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La recherche est un travail d’équipe, rien ne serait possible sans le brillant travail de mes actuels et anciens doctorants et post-doctorants. La supervision des étudiants est la partie de mon travail que j’apprécie le plus.


Dr Loic Espeit

Jan 2024 – Dec 2023

> The role of tailored physical activity in reducing fatigue among patients with multiple sclerosis: face-to-face vs. remote at-home approaches.

Dr Djahid Kennouche

Jan 2023 – Dec 2025

> Fatigue in Spinal Muscular Atrophy


Thomas Fry

Nov 2023 – Oct 2026

> Performance analysis and evolutionary training programming in trail running thanks to data science


Eric Luneau

Oct 2020 – Avril 2024

> Cardiovascular & neuromuscular responses to exercises throughout the adult lifespan.


Mélanie Métra 

Sept 2022 – Août 2025

 > Performance, fatigue and recovery: a road vs trail running comparison


Mathilde Bertrand

Sept 2022 – Août 2025

> OFF 2 Health: Overcoming and Fighting Fatigue to Improve Health

Lola Masson

Oct 2023 – Sept 2026




> Lower limb muscle properties and running economy: what role in the running performance model?


Aaron Pearson 

Jan 2023 – Dec 2026

> Is performance fatigability measured via wearable technology a valid and reliable approach compared to conventional methods?